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Sylvie Renault

Visual Creative Strategy Anchored in Social Truths

Are you a Brand?

Be advised that I’m also currently working as Fashion Consultant and Talent Scout for the Fashion Shenzen Show (China).
If you are interested in chinese market and you would like to get in touch with a local business development company
for an incredible business matching opportunity in China, please contact me and submit your lookbook.


Describe your point of view just with images.


Tell your story pic by pic.


Tell the truth about you and your products.

Story Telling

Connect to your consumers much more you can.
Make a


without saying a word



LIFESTYLE / Editorial

American Dream


Lu Soccio e la Lenta

Storytelling / illustrated


La La


Make your sound with a picture.

The power behind pictures

Sylvie Renault

Sylvie Renault

Concept Designer

Help people to convey what they really are.
That's what I love.
Let me imaging you.

Roberta Cappelli

Roberta Cappelli


I can't imaging my life without photograpy!

Silvio Marsaglia

Silvio Marsaglia

Director & Video Maker

Tell frame by frame. Story by story. Person by person.

Luisa Napoleone

Luisa Napoleone


I was just 6yo when mom asked me "How can you draw like this?".
I said "Just closing my eyes".

All my international team

Patrick Kronenberg
Markus Theisen
Enorma Jean 
Lorna Vazraghi
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Todd Allen
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Helaina Rosie
Eric schneider



Bring your A-game, believe in your work and be the best version of yourself  Vanessa Belleau

Sorry, my works are waiting to be published and they can not be available
online at the moment.

So enjoy this preview!
Anyway, if you are interested in my portfolio, please contact me.