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Freelance, Storyteller, Creative Concept Designer.

Sylvie can easily move from Fashion to Painting and from Publishing to IT.

Her work is ever introspective, unexpected & emotionally charged.

She has a background in Publishing & IT industry working as Art Director for the biggest clients in Italy and Europe like Ferrari S.p.A., Bank Italia, Mangusta Group, Morris-Casini & Partners, Sitcom Television Group.

Currently focused on Fashion Industry she is addicted to brands, storytellings, editorials, lookbooks and shootings organization.

She is giving consultancy to the Fashion ShenZhen Show (China) as a Fashion Talent Scout.

⅓ French, ⅓ from Leghorn, ⅓ from Ischia, she lives in Rome and works with passion in Italy, London, Hong-Kong & ShenZhen. 

Shining values & identity  in an exclusive visual language is her vocation.


Rome based, I work also in Milan, London, Hong Kong & Shenzhen always looking for the next great client and project. If you’d like working with me, please get in touch! +39 3479472752